Phase one of our 2021 Movement for Good awards has come to an end

£500,000 awarded to 500 different charities

Below some of our lucky charities talk about their £1,000 wins and the difference it will make. If you are one of our lucky winners, you can still download our winner’s press release template here to tell people you have won and share your story.

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46th Gloucester Scout Group

Every week we give 6 - 18 year old's skills for life through a variety of activities.

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This donation will enable us to provide activities for many children who wouldn't be able to afford to do them. We have members from all different backgrounds and seeing them learn to work together and learn skills that will last them a lifetime is our main aim. Our Group was formed in 1953 and has helped many children; some of them have continued on to give back by becoming Leaders in the group. We are also unique in Gloucester by providing our members the opportunity to join our marching brass band the Gloster Gladiators Scout Band who in normal times travel all over the country performing at events. Members of the Group past and present become like an extended family as many former members still keep in touch with the Group and each other, many have met their partners within the group.

We currently have around 80 members in the Group, we expect numbers to increase as restrictions ease more.

A huge thank you to everyone who took their time to nominate us for this funding from all the members of the 46th Gloucester Scout Group.


4Louis is a charity that support bereaved parents after a miscarriage, stillbirth or neo natal loss.

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£1000 will fund us to create 33 stillbirth memory boxes which we will supply to hospitals and hospices to support bereaved parents. It will give these parents the opportunity to gain precious memories with their child/children. The memory boxes include a clay cast which gives the parent an opportunity to make an impression of the baby’s feet or hands and an inkless wipe to create hand or footprints. The box also includes items such as, a candle, fleece blanket, Guess How Much I Love You book, scan wallet, Acknowledgement of Life Certificate, a lock of hair trinket box, Forget Me Not seeds and two teddies, one to stay with the baby and the other for the parent/s to take with them. This will make the difference for a bereaved family walking out of hospital with empty arms. They will go home with a memory box full of precious memories.

We would estimate that this funding could reach/improve nearly 200 people as we believe one of our memory boxes reaches at least six people, the parents and both sets of grandparents. However, we also have lots of feedback from midwives informing us that our memory boxes (and other services we provide such as cuddle cots & photographic equipment) help with their job when caring for a bereaved family. It gives the family something to focus on and help with the grieving process

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote for us and help us be one of the beneficiaries of a Movement for Good Award. Although our wish would be that no one would ever have to receive one of our memory boxes, it’s important that we are there to support the ones that do and this money will allow us to do that.

Aids Care Education and Training

ACET UK is vibrant, youth centric Christian charity who equip and inspire individuals & organisations to transform culture by promoting healthy self-esteem, positive relationships and good sexual health in the UK and internationally.

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Young people are growing up in a world where the meaning of sex is often diluted, porn is accessible at a click of a button, and where the underlying message is often that relationships don’t really have to be good as long as they look good. There is a lot of pressure to look and behave in a certain way and this can have a deep impact on how young people view themselves and how they make decisions. We want to transform culture by providing a credible alternative voice to young people that help them to flourish, reach their potential and enjoy and maintain safe and fulfilling relationships. Your money will help us to train and equip six practitioners to deliver multi sessional, interactive, fun relationships and sex education, who in turn will reach 4- 600 young people a year across the UK. This will increase their self-esteem, knowledge and confidence so they can understand their worth, make wise and healthy choices about relationships and recognise how valuable sex is.

With the help of this funding, we aim to help over 600 lives.

Thank you very, very much from all the ACET team and every single person who will have improved self-esteem and be inspired and equipped to have positive relationships and good sexual health because of YOU!

Allsorts Gloucestershire

Allsorts is a charity which provides everyday fun activities and support for families who have children with additional needs.

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This incredible donation of £1000 will pay for our Stroud Activity Hub to stay open for 1 month. This will enable us to run play sessions which are vital for families, many of whom struggle to access things outside of Allsorts. This is where we house our Toy Library, where there’s a large range of high quality toys to choose from, as well as specialist equipment. Through the Toy Library families have the opportunity to find which toys their children like best. Our toys and equipment can help improve physical, developmental and cognitive skills in a fun and safe way. Parents and carers can come and seek support through peers or our friendly and welcoming staff team.

Allsorts is currently supporting 330 families across Gloucestershire.

Thank you to all our supporters for voting for us! It’s heart-warming to know we got lots of votes.

Broadgate Primary School PTA

Broadgate Primary School PTA is a charity which raises money to support and further the education of children attending Broadgate Primary School.

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We have a long term fundraising campaign underway to fund a new library building on site at the school. As the school has grown to a double form entry primary school, there is no longer any dedicated space for a library to operate that allows children to borrow books to take home and read. The proposed library building will be a standalone single storey structure that will be able to accommodate one class of 30 children, plus teaching staff. We need to fund the cost of the building, the electrics, heating, lighting, decoration, furniture and all of the books to go inside. The £1000 donation from Ecclesiastical will help us to get closer to our fundraising target.

The library building will be used by children from Reception age, through to Year 6, of which there will be approximately 420 children from Sept 2021.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us to receive this Movement for Good Award. We are delighted!

Dovetales International Trust

Our Charity runs several mid week activities mainly for the Elderly Community it serves and a meal once a month.

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We are a small Christian Charity, started in 1992 by Bill and Janet Heap, who continue to run the Charity with the help of two other Trustees and a wonderful team of Volunteers. We have several medical, educational and social projects we have set up in Andhra Pradesh, South East India. In the 1990’s we took Humanitarian Aid to Romania and Moldova in Eastern Europe. We have a local Church in Shaw, Oldham and run a variety of Community Activities mid week, whose main aim is to reduce Social Isolation and Loneliness, particularly for those in their Golden Years. We have a meal together once a month and arrange Coach trips for days out by the seaside and places of interest. Every penny we raise is used for the benefit of the Community none of our staff or volunteers take a wage, we all work voluntarily.

We reach over 100 lives each week, with the funding received, we hope to reach many more, and arrange more days out.

May we express our sincere thanks to everyone who took time to nominate us to receive this amazing Award, which will make a huge difference to the Charity and the people we serve each week.

Hope Cove Life Boat

We are an Independent Lifeboat and our mission is Saving Lives in Bigbury Bay, we operate from small village, Hope Cove in South Devon, and are called out to rescue people in difficulty at sea in our area by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

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This donation will allow us to buy a fitted dry suit, helmet and life jacket to fully equip our new recruit to ensure that when they are out on the boat they are fully protected and as safe as possible when putting their life at risk to save someone in trouble at sea. This may seem expensive but this sort of equipment has to stand up to arduous conditions in all weathers, the dry suit will keep them warm and dry in all sort of seas, the lifejacket will keep them with their head above water, even if not inflated, if they ever have to go in to the water to assist in a recovery.

The area we operate is in a very busy holiday location and we have noticed increased numbers of people already this year using the sea around us. Hundreds of them take to the water without fully understanding the potential risks of tides, wind and currents and we are here 365 x 24 to respond to help them. Over the last 10 years of our operation, we have saved hundreds of people from being lost at sea.

Thanks to all those who nominated and voted for us to gain this award, we have a very loyal band of locals and visitors who are always there to support us. A magnificent effort from a small village!

Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust

Llanthony Secunda Priory is an independent heritage charity in Gloucester, looking after 5 acres of historic grounds; including six Grade I and one Grade II listed buildings and structures.

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This generous award by Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards will support our conservation work, maintaining Llanthony’s historic grounds and buildings (including one structure that is still on the ‘At Risk’ register). This will allow us to safely open and present Llanthony Secunda Priory to the thousands of visitors who come to the site each year, from Gloucester residents enjoying their daily exercise to tourists exploring the site’s 900-year history.

As a small independent charity, this grant will make a huge difference, supporting the Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust’s continuing maintenance and conservation work, as well as benefitting Gloucester’s rich heritage offer.

We would like to thank Ecclesiastical for this awards scheme and its support for charities, and we’d like to send the biggest of ‘Thank You’s’ to our Llanthony Secunda Priory supporters, who nominated our charity for this award.

Melanoma-Me Foundation

Melanoma-Me Foundation is a charity that supports people affected by melanoma and skin cancer through counselling and community groups.

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The donation will enable us to provide group 13 weeks of group sessions for people affected by melanoma and 40 one to one counselling sessions. Melanoma-Me Foundation facilitate groups, providing holistic therapies through meditation, mindfulness, peer support and various techniques working with trauma. The group reinforces the counselling and therapies that take place within the hub and also is essential to supporting service users in between sessions as it helps to build a supportive network where all members truly understand the impact of the disease and can draw on each other for support and companionship. Melanoma-Me Foundation is a unique service that provides counselling to help people to come to terms with a melanoma cancer diagnosis. As well as helping people come to terms with a new way of living, our focus is on improving emotional resilience, working through the grief process and ‘holding’ people during traumatic experiences during and following diagnosis.

The donation will help us to reach and support approximately 40 people.

We can’t thank people enough for nominating our special charity, Melanoma-Me Foundation. This donation means the absolute world to us and it is a reminder of how valued our services are in the community.

Northumberland Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice Northumberland provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.

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Citizens Advice Northumberland is a vital service to the residents of Northumberland and annually supports over 23,000 clients with over 51,000 issues ranging from welfare benefits, housing, employment to utilities, debt and any other problems people may be facing. A donation of £1,000 will go towards our core operational costs which will allow for us to continue to provide our vital services to the communities of Northumberland for the next year.

In 2020/21 we supported 23,751 clients with 51,269 issues. This was during a year of great challenge with the majority of our office spaces only open for emergency appointments and the rest of our service provision being over the phone, email or via virtual meetings. In light of the reopening of our office spaces as well as the expansion plans, we would expect to further support in the region of 24,000 clients in 2021/22 which this donation will really help us achieve as this will support our core operation.

Citizens Advice Northumberland would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who took the time to nominate our charity in the Movement for Good Awards. This donation of £1,000 will go towards the provision of our vital services across the county of Northumberland for the next 12 months.

Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue

Prickles and Paws is hedgehog rescue provides a rescue and rehabilitation service for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs across Cornwall and West Devon, rehabilitating them through to release back into the wild.

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2020 saw the charities busiest year yet with over 1,000 hedgehogs admitted, so far this year admission are up 56% compared with last year. In order to keep up with demand we are working on exciting expansion plans which will see us move to new premises and significantly increase our capacity for both hedgehogs and volunteers to get involved.

With hedgehogs reclassified as ‘Vulnerable’ to extinction in the UK last year every single hedgehog matters, this funding will allow us to save many more.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate us, we are a small but rapidly growing charity and your support in helping us grow and care for the hedgehogs of Cornwall means everything to us.

Sally’s Cat Rescue

Sally's Cat Rescue is a rescue based in Cornwall that helps stray and unwanted cats and kittens across the South West of England.

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This donation will have an amazing impact on the work we are doing in rescuing cats and kittens in the local community. It will be spent predominantly on vets bills. We are aiming to neuter and spay even more cats this year and reduce the amount of unwanted kittens in the community. The money will also help us to get even more cats vaccinated and microchipped spreading the awareness of protecting cats from harm.

With the help of this funding, we will aim to help over 300 cats/kittens this year.

A very big thank you to all the wonderful people who voted for Sally's Cat Rescue we are extremely grateful for your support in enabling us to help even more cats in need.

SEARCH: Services for Older People CIO

Search is a local neighbourhood charity, promoting and supporting the Health, Wealth and Wellbeing of Older People in the west end of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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This funding will support the safe re-opening of our community hubs, ensuring that we can take our Advice and Information service into communities to sit alongside our community activities. In the Hubs we will offer a safe, friendly, supportive and non-judgemental space where older people can come along, have a cup of tea, make friendships, enjoy activities such as Singing, Arts, crafts and Gentle exercise, with an Advice and Information worker on hand to offer advice and support on Social Care and Support, Benefits, Pensions and Consumer affairs. This will reduce the loneliness and isolation that many older people experience, it will ensure they have access to the correct care and support when they need it and reduce the number of people that are living in poverty because they do not access all of their entitlements.

We will reach in excess of 700 people through our hubs over a one-year period.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to nominate SEARCH, funds like this supports the vital work we do with Older People in the community and makes a big impact on the lives of Older People.

Sheffield Women's Counselling & Therapy Service

At Saffron, we offer a much needed free counselling and psychotherapy service to women in Sheffield who have experienced trauma or abuse.

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This donation will help us provide over 50 hours of life-changing and life-saving psychotherapy for women in Sheffield who are suffering psychological trauma due to experiences of abuse or trauma as children or adults including sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, rape and sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking, witnessing or experiencing a traumatic accident or crime and county lines. Survivors of abuse and trauma can experience mental health issues, depression, anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress symptoms, as well as diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and dissociative personality disorder. Survivors can become drug and alcohol users, develop eating disorders and engage in self-harm. Repeat victimisation is commonplace. Our work is especially designed to support women for whom other services are unsuitable or have not been effective. Your donation will enable women to create lasting change in their lives, to understand the abuse they have suffered is not their fault, and to effectively treat their trauma.

This funding will support women who are victims of trauma or abuse by helping us provide over 50 life-changing and life-saving counselling sessions.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who nominated Saffron Sheffield and for their support of our work with women in Sheffield especially during these difficult times when we know our services are needed more than ever.

Shift.MS is the only dedicated digital support community for people newly diagnosed with MS, enabling them to connect, support one another and live positively with MS.

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The Movement for Good award will help to speed up the development of a mobile app version of, which will vastly improve accessibility to our supportive community for people diagnosed with MS in the UK and worldwide. MS is the most commonly diagnosed neurological condition for people in their 20s and 30s. Alongside having to cope with a range of unpredictable physical symptoms, being diagnosed with an incurable condition like MS can leave people feeling socially and emotionally isolated - just at a time when they are making key decisions about their life and future. When our founder George Pepper was diagnosed at 22 he was isolated, finding it difficult to connect with others of a similar age among the support groups offered by other charities, and even online. was born to meet this unmet need. is now the only dedicated digital peer support community for younger people living with MS and the recently diagnosed. Almost 40,000 people use annually, where they can meet and share experiences and advice on a huge range of topics including diagnosis, healthy living, symptoms and treatments - ultimately supporting each other to live well with MS.

Almost 40,000 people use annually. But with over 6,700 people newly diagnosed in the UK every year, and many thousands more internationally, so many more people could benefit from our support. Through the development of our mobile app, the Movement for Good award could be transformative in helping us to reach many more people.

We are incredibly grateful to all the MSers who took the time to nominate for a Movement for Good award – this funding will help to speed up the development of a mobile app version of, which will vastly improve accessibility to our supportive community for MSers in the UK and across the globe.

Slide Away

Slide Away supports bereaved children and young people through individual sessions, group workshops and memory days. We also provide support to children and young people living with a family member who has a terminal illness.

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Slide Away’s support provides children with the opportunity to talk about their grief, express their feelings, hold onto their memories and find ways of coping on difficult days. When children come together they realise, sometimes for the first time, that they are not alone. Other children have been bereaved too and that the feelings they have are shared by others - they are not alone. The children make Memory Jars (picture attached) where each different coloured layer of sand links to a memory that the child has of the person who has died. Stories are very important as children can often identify with the characters in the story who may, for example, be anxious and have lots of worries.

The donation we have received will enable us to provide a book for each of the 120-150 children we support each year. It will also provide every child with their very own Snowy Bear who provides a tangible link to their time with Slide Away.

The Slide Away team would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us in Movement for Good Awards.

Swindon Music Trust

Swindon Music Trust provide funding for instrumental music lessons and Music Therapy to children across Wiltshire, operating in schools and private settings.

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This donation will fund another 3 children to have Music Therapy and 14 children to have instrumental music lessons on their instrument of choice. Some of these children have been waiting a whole academic year, the difference this very kind grant will make cannot be measured in words, it truly is life saving for some of them. Some of these children come from difficult family situations, and Music is the one thing they always have! On a radio, on the TV everywhere! A focus and learned skills so they can have a respite from the stresses of their lives. The children we are funding are totally thrilled they are able to begin their Musical adventures. This grant enables us to help more children and the impact we have as been made greater for this kind donation.

Thanks - A HUGE thankyou to everyone who nominated us for this grant/award, we are totally thrilled to be able to help even more young people across the county! Thank you to all who nominated and supported us, you have made such a difference to the children we try to help and your support is truly humbling! Thank you!

The Island Trust Ltd

The Island Trust, based in Plymouth, Devon, is a youth sail training charity that enables disadvantaged/disabled young people to access the benefits, joy, and challenge of sailing onboard a traditional wooden boat.

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Sailing is a particularly effective and innovative platform for enhancing the lives of the young people we sail with each year. Many young people have never experienced the level of independence that they have onboard the boats. Sailing is great for the mind and body and enables even those who either have a disability or are not used to being active to have the chance to try something new. We believe that following this current period of uncertainty, social distancing, and many days and weeks at home that the benefits of our inspiring sailing voyages for young people will become even more important. We feel that an essential part of the return to normality, particularly for young people, will be the ability to expand their life experiences outside of their home environments and to be taking part in outdoor activities at sea. Our sailing voyages will help individuals to overcome any stress and anxiety they may have incurred and help to build their resilience and self-confidence.

This award will contribute towards the costs of sailing with the 500 young people that we sail with each year.

We are very grateful to everyone who showed their support and voted for The Island Trust, this award will help us to support disadvantaged young people to sail again as part of the recovery from the current crisis.

The Peasholme Centre, York

Peasholme Charity tackles homelessness and poverty in York, we work with disadvantaged and socially excluded people, in particular those who are homeless or at risk of losing their home.

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Our Ecclesiastical ‘Movement for Good’ grant will contribute to the achievement of our mission to end homelessness in York by ensuring everyone who needs it has access to the right help at the right time. We achieve this by delivering:

  • ‘Next Steps’, a specialist support service for rough sleepers and people with complex needs at risk of homelessness.
  • The ‘Homeless Hub’, a partnership project aiming to develop a centralised accessible space for vulnerable and excluded people.
  • ‘My Money. My Life…’ – a financial capability support service offering a pathway from financial instability and crisis to a more secure and stable position.
  • The ‘Community Advice Service’ delivered in partnership with York Foodbank offering an advice and support service for foodbank users facing ‘crisis’ including threats to housing security.
The charity will use this grant to support the continued delivery of our services as we continue the path towards recovery from the pandemic. The charity increased resources within front line services to meet the challenges of this crisis and is planning on maintaining this level of delivery so we can continue to offer support to those impacted by the end of government supports, including the eviction ban, furlough and the £20 Universal Credit uplift.

Peasholme Charity works with about 400 people in a year.

The Peasholme Charity team are so thankful and appreciative of all our supporters who nominated us for this grant – as a small charity, we wouldn’t be able to do our work without your ongoing generosity and help.

Theatre@41 Ltd

We are York’s leading fringe venue, championing community theatre and new performance.

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The donation will help fund much needed replacements to our ageing lighting stock. We want to make Theatre@41 the most accessible theatre in Yorkshire, where people only need an idea and we will help make it a reality. At present hirers are forced to hire in extra lighting equipment to put on their shows due to our broken and ageing equipment. We will use the money to buy new equipment we have identified as essential to staging a production. This will allow young people and community groups to enjoy the social benefits of live performance no matter what their background or budget. All they need is an idea.

This donation will help improve 50 lives.

Your nomination has helped users of Theatre@41 turn their ideas into reality.

Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity

Yorkshire’s Brain Tumour Charity provides financial, emotional and practical support for people living with, or affected by, a brain tumour across Yorkshire.

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Your donation will enable us to support patients of all ages, and their loved ones, who have had their lives turned upside down because of a brain cancer diagnosis. Our telephone and email support clinics help to reduce social isolation whilst providing an opportunity to signpost individuals and families to other help they may benefit from, for example, our patient grants, support groups, counselling or welfare advice. Our support can be accessed by patients, carers and family members as well as by those sadly bereaved after the death of a loved one at any time and for as long as we are needed. Our telephone support line is also available to call from 9am to 10pm seven days a week. Your support means we can be there for people when they need us the most, reducing isolation, loneliness and fear and ensuring they have access to people who really understand what they are going through in what are often distressing situations.

Your funding will enable us to support 96 people affected by a brain tumour.

A huge thank you to everyone who took time to nominate us, your support means the world to us.

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