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Charity Search

If you’re having trouble finding a charity in our search results, the following tips might help:

Important note:

  • The nominations search engine links to the registered charities commission databases of the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, as well as a list of previously nominated non-registered charities and CICs only.

General searching:

  • Using the registered charity number is the best way to ensure an exact match. This number can be found on the charity commission website, or the charity’s own website.
  • Using the registered charity name should return the correct result or a list of close matches. Take a look on the charity’s website to check the exact spelling.
  • If the charity you wish to nominate is either not registered or a CIC and is not appearing in the search results, please click the ‘registration exempt’ tick-box and manually type in the name of the charity.

General advice for registered charities:

  • If you have recently changed your charity’s name, please update it with the relevant Charity Commission. It will be reflected in our nominations search engine during the next available update.
  • If you’ve recently updated your information on the Charity Commission website, there might be a delay in our nominations search engine reflecting these changes.
  • Please note that nominations for both the old name and new name will be merged together and not effect your chances of being drawn.

General advice for non-registered charities and CICs:

  • To be included in our nominations search engine automatically, we need to see around 20 nominations for the same charity. Those meeting this criteria will be added to the nominations search engine during the next available update.

Promoting your charity

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Terms and conditions:

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